2016 Events


July 2016


PLAYMargate July 23rd-24th Margate
London Film and Comic Con July 29th-31st London
Amecon July 29th-31st Coventry
GamerMania   July 29th-31st   London
Southport Comic Con   July 30th   Southport
Manchester MCM Expo   July 30th-31st  Manchester

August 2016

Electromagnetic Field   August 5th-7th   Guildford
Summer of Sonic   August 6th   London
Preston Comic Con   August 6th   Preston
World of Wizardry   August 6th-7th   Nottingham
Dublin Comic Con   August 6th-7th   Dublin
Newark Comic Con   August 7th   Newark
Nine Worlds   August 12th-14th   London
Tokonatsu   August 12th-15th   Bedfordshire
Sheffield Film and Comic Con   August 13th-14th   Sheffield
Cos-Con   August 13th-14th   Glasgow
Japan Day   August 20th   Manchester
Glasgow Film and Comic Con   August 20th-21st   Glasgow
Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con   August 20th-21st   Cardiff
International Discworld Convention   August 26th-29th   Warwick
Insomnia58   August 26th-29th   Birmingham
Melksham Comic Con   August 27th-28th   Melksham
Stars Of Time   August 28th-29th   Weston-Super-Mare
WHY?CON   August 29th   Bakewell

September 2016

Alcon   September 1st-4th   Leicester
Scifi Wales  Septermber 3rd   Llandudno
Bournemouth Film and Comic Con   September 3rd-4th   Bournemouth
NICE 2016   September 3rd-4th   Bedford
Belfast Film and Comic Con   September 10th-11th   Belfast
Summer of Cosplay (YCC)   September 17th   Doncaster
Southampton Comic Con   September 18th   Southampton
Eurogamer Expo   September 22nd-25th   Birmingham
Scotland MCM Expo   September 23rd-24th   Glasgow
Sherlocked   September 23-25th   London
Northampton Comic Con September 24th   Northampton
Doncaster Super Sci-Fi Convention   September 24th   Doncaster
J-Con   September 30th-October 1st  Derby

October 2016

Wyntercon   October 1st-2nd   Eastbourne
StokeCONtrent   October 2nd   Stoke-on-Trent
Destination Star Trek   October 7th-9th   Birmingham
Nor-Con 6   October 8th   Norfolk
PLAYExpo   October 8th-9th   Manchester
The Lakes International Comic Art Festival   October 14th-16th   Cumbria
DefCon5   October 16th-16th   Totton
Cos-Con   October 22nd   Aberdeen
UK Pony Con   October 22nd-23rd   Leeds
Brick live   October 27th-30th   Birmingham
Cardiff Film and Comic Con   October 29th-30th   Cardiff

November 2016

Thought Bubble   November 1st-6th   Leeds
Eirtakon   November 4th-6th   Dublin
Armadacon   November 4th-6th   Plymouth
Bristol Anime and Gaming Con   November 5th-6th  Bristol
Wales Comic Con   November 5th-6th   Wrexham
Doki Doki   November 12th   Manchester
Birmingham MCM Expo   November 19th-20th   Birmingham
Newcastle Film and Comic Con   November 19th-20th   Newcastle
Hyper Japan Christmas Market   November 25th-27th   London
Edinburgh Comic Art Festival   November 26th-27th   Edinburgh

December 2016

Insomnia59   December 9th-12th   Birmingham

2017 Events

January 2017

Sci-Feb   February 5th   Grimsby

February 2017

London Anime & Gaming Con   February 3rd-5th   London
True Believers Comic Festival   February 4th   Cheltenham
Sci-Feb 17   February 5th   Grimsby

March 2017

Minami Con 23   March 3rd-5th   Southampton
Belfast Film and Comic Con   March 11th-12th   Belfast
Leamington Comic Con   March 25th   Leamington Spa
Eurogamer Rezzed   March 301th-April 1st   London
Sci-Fi Weekender   March 30th-April 2nd   Hafan y Môr Holiday Park

April 2017

Manchester Anime & Gaming Con   April 8th-9th   Manchester
Insomnia60   April 13th-17th   Birmingham
EM-Con   April 29th-30th   Nottingham

May 2017

Harrogate Comic Con 2   May 6th   Harrogate
Autographica   May 12th-14th   London
Granite City Comic Con   May 20th-21st   Aberdeen

June 2017

Yorkshire Cosplay Con  June 3rd-4th Sheffield
Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con   June 3rd-4th   Liverpool
SunnyCon   June 16th-18th   Newcastle
Scunthorpe Comic Con 3   June 18th   Scunthorpe
Exeter Film and Comic Con   Jun 24th-25th   Exeter

Events To Be Confirmed

Weston Super Sonic   TBA 2017   Weston Super Mare
London Super Comic Con   TBA 2017   London
GEEK   TBA 2017   Margate
Akumacon   TBA 2017   Galway
AniMangaPOP   TBA 2017   Plymouth
Midlands MCM Expo   TBA 2017   Telford
Animex   TBA 2017   Middlesbrough
Majikkon   TBA 2017   Huddersfield
Video Game Market 4   TBA 2017   Leeds
Kitacon   TBA 2017   Birmingham
Edinburgh Comic Con   TBA 2017   Edinburgh
Deecon   TBA 2017   Dundee
Sci-Fi Scarborough   TBA 2017   Scarborough
Birmingham Comic Festival   TBA 2017   Birmingham
Chevron   TBA 2017   London
Insomnia Scotland   TBA 2017   Edinburgh
PLAYblackpool   TBA 2017   Blackpool
Belfast Film and Comic Con   TBA 2017   Belfast
Manchester Film and Comic Con   TBA 2017   Manchester
ScreenCon   TBA 2017   North Shields
Geekmania   TBA 2017   Dundee
UK Games Expo   TBA 2017   Birmingham
Insomnia Ireland   TBA 2017   Killarney
PLAYGlasgow   TBA 2017   Glasgow
Q-Con   TBA 2017   Belfast
The Calling   TBA 2017   Beverley
Belfast MCM Expo   TBA 2017   Belfast
NERG   TBA 2017   Gateshead
Ireland MCM Expo   TBA 2017   Dublin
Watford Filmfair Comic Con   TBA 2017   Watford
Roll Out Roll Call   TBA 2017   London
Brocon   TBA 2017   Limerick
HiiroCon   TBA 2017   Reading
Hyper Japan   TBA 2017   London
Arcadecon   TBA   Dublin
H-Con   TBA   Hampshire
Auto Assembly   TBA   Birmingham

Cosplay and Fabrications

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