Other Costumes

Letting my creativity run rampant, a few bits and bobs I've put together for my own amusement. Cheerleaders, Maids and Big ol' dresses that you wouldn't wanna get stuck in a lift with... what more could a gal ask for?

Movie Costumes

Taking Cosplays on the road with my fully drivable electric go-Kart to match my Vanellope costume from Wreck it Ralph, plus a couple of Star wars costumes, an appearance from the Lion King himself and a Ball Gown from Disney's a Cinderella Story.

Video Game Costumes

A whole bunch of costumes from games old and new including characters from modern classics including Darkstalkers, Soul Calibur, Kingdom hearts, and Lineage 2 as well as older titles such as Wild Arms II and Burning Rangers.

Speed Costumes

Every New Years my friends and I play the game of "Made in a day" the rules are simple, make a costume with what you have in the house and you are not allowed to buy ANYTHING to help make it... you are also only allowed to start on new years eve (or the evening before if you've gotta work that day).

Anime Costumes

A variety of anime based costumes from anime such as One Piece, Soul Eater, Hitman Reborn, Avatar, Burst Angel, Dragon Ball Z, Beezlebub and many more.

Cosplay and Fabrications

Copyright Ambersaur Cosplay and Fabrications. All rights reserved.

Comic Costumes

A modest amount of Comic based costumes including Wonder woman 52, Ant Lucia's Bombshell Catwoman, Wasp and my ongoing major project 'Danger'.