Cosplay and Fabrications

Hi, I'm amber and I'm a Cosplayer!

“so you're an adult playing dress up?”

For lack of better terminology, Yes. I like nerdy culture...

I enjoy Anime, I enjoy Video games, I enjoy Japanese culture and love getting involved and making things. 

I've been cosplaying since 2005 and am a non-competitive cosplayer for the most part, I believe that Cosplay is for everyone and will always be happy to share knowledge and help someone out if I can. I like to chat construction and technique and love to learn from other cosplayers.

​I'm a big anime fan so a lot of my costumes are anime based but I've also got a lot of comic, game and film based costumes in my collection 

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In an effort to ​Spread the love and encourage knowledge sharing, I have put together a few resources to help the every day Cosplayer in their  adventure through the Nerd-dom. Be brave fair traveller, it may not be safe to go alone... but together we can hopefully make beautiful gowns or big-ass mechs that make muggles stop in their tracks and say to themselves "holy crap I think I've been drugged, that cant be real" and that my friends is when we know our job is done :)

Need a hand?

Here you can find a small collection of tutorials from around the web that I've either used or found parts useful with my creations. please note that credit is given where known but if you can give credit to any of the untagged tutorials listed, please let me know via the contact me tab above


Where to Shoot?

 Have the perfect costume but struggling to find a suitable setting to take some pics? Help is at hand with a list of uk wide locations for various types of setting. Don't live in any of these areas? No problem, you can find advice on where to look and how to turn a drab carpark into a dystopian wasteland.

Wanna see the detail? 

Much like many other cosplayers, I seem to spend hours trawling the web for just the right images of the characters I pick and have a small library of images for for anyone looking to make the same costumes. otherwise, if you would like to add an image to the library please feel free to get in touch using the contact me tab

You got that where?

 lots of links to tons of useful places all over the internet, from wonder-web to worbla, and everything in between. here you can find any links i have saved of suppliers, advisors, portfolio sites as well as the websites of other inspirational cosplayers from around the globe.

​Enjoy! x

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What to use?

​A Small review of common (and not so common) materials used in cosplay including where to get them and examples of how best they can be used. if you know of a new material that you think should be featured here, just let me know via my contact page and I'll be happy to add it to the list.

​​Hi Guys, Please be aware that this site is currently in the testing phase and has not been fully updated yet, this means that some features aren't active yet and not all the references/ tutorials have been uploaded. Please be patient with me and I will get to it as soon as I can